everything gets better with ice

Putting on the Spritz

Put a few ice cubes in a regular wine glass or highball and top up with equal measures of Frozé and lemonade for a quenching and not-too-alcoholic treat. We've also done this with grape juice instead of lemonade and it tasted fab – one for the “five a day” brigade?

Ice Ice Baby

Similar to Frozé Cubed, except served in one of those plastic tumblers with Dora the Explorer or Spiderman on the side. We all have days when we can't be bothered to empty the dishwasher, don't we, mums and dads?

Cider With Frozé

We do not recommend or endorse this. In fact, forget we ever mentioned it.

What's Your Frozé?

Have you come up with your own Frozé serving suggestion or cocktail?

E-mail it to us and if we like it we’ll send you some goodies and give you a namecheck on the website.