everything gets better with ice

Classic Frozé

Pour a regular measure of Frozé over two or three ice cubes. This is still our favourite, and believe us we've tried almost everything. If you're unsure about how to make ice, click here We were only joking. You did know we were joking, didn't you? Oh dear. for the recipe.

Get Your Rocks Off

A controversial one: Frozé without ice. Those of you who want a slightly sweeter style might want to give this one a go – but remember to chill your Frozé for a good couple of hours for the best effect.

Frozé Cubed

Fill a tall highball-type glass with ice and top up with cool Frozé to make a delicious long drink perfect for summer afternoons. You might want to add bits of chopped orange and lemon and sprigs of mint – or you might decide that life's too short. A tough one.

What's Your Frozé?

Have you come up with your own Frozé serving suggestion or cocktail?

E-mail it to us and if we like it we’ll send you some goodies and give you a namecheck on the website.